Film reflects the life of the world, casts it in a particular light, and so takes communication to new levels. It is a vital element of the knowledge economy.

outreach strives to fulfil this potential with every project it pursues.


10 Jahre "Recht im Film"

Die Jubliäumsausgabe 2022 findet vom 15.-17. März 2022 an der Universität Fribourg statt.

Das Programm steht im Zeichen der «Provokationen». Viele Filme fordern das Recht heraus, vielleicht ohne dass wir es merken. Wenn wir es merken, provozieren sie uns oft. « Recht im Film » hatte und hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, Wissenschaft und Film zusammenzuführen, um uns die Augen öffnen für die versteckten Herausforderungen, um häufiger provoziert zu sein.

Law meets film

The course LAW MEETS FILM will take place at the Centre for Transnational Legal Studies (CTLS) London from January 2021. The CTLS is a unique global partnership involving students and lecturers from 20 top law schools.

The course confronts law as a form of scientific analysis of the society with film as one form of artistic expression. Participants will watch and discuss films in which law and legal protagonists play or should play a role, analyse the narration of the film as well as the legal problems involved. Prof. Walter Stoffel and Lucie Bader co-direct this course. Due to the current pandemic, the course will take place online.

Finished Projects

Oct 2021

Jurypräsidentin am Zurich Film Festival

Mar 2020

"The Canton of Bern - Where Industry and Culture meet" Short Film

Mar 2020

“A trip to Shenzhen – The City of the Future” Short Film

Mar 2020

CINEMA #63 - ZUKUNFT (Schweizer Filmjahrbuch)

Nov 2019

Industry Lab Winterthur

Apr 2019

Law in the movie 2019

Mar 2019

Movie Night REX Bern

Mar 2019

Short Film "What remains"

Nov 2018

Film talk with Xiaolu Guo

Apr 2018

Mentoring of student films

Feb 2018

MOVIE NIGHT "Die Vierte Gewalt"

Nov 2017


Nov 2017

Topography of the Swiss Film Industry

Sep 2017

Producers – Get trained, stay connected!

Sep 2017

Gender Equality at work

Apr 2017

Law in the movie 2017

Jan 2017

Script courses abroad - a panel discussion

Mar 2016

Law in the movies at the University of Fribourg 2016

Oct 2014


Mar 2014


Mar 2012

TRIANGLE Shanghai - Stockholm - Zurich