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Film and science communication

outreach gmbh promotes dialogue between different cultures, academia, and society through films, conferences, workshops and panels.

We focus on the tailored production, sourcing, and distribution of films and on specific workshops and conferences.

outreach gmbh provides support, advice, intercultural coordination, and training in the fields of film and academic / scientific communication. Our ability to find innovative solutions is underwritten by an extensive network, a professional approach, and years of experience in film and higher education.

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Science Communication

outreach encourages the dialogue between academia, culture and the public in developing communication strategies and tools. outreach organises conferences and seminars which bring the worlds of film and academia together. We can source films and other cinematic works on the particular themes you require, and find the right experts to discuss them.

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Lectures and workshops

outreach designs and runs courses and workshops for the film industry. We can also help you to develop academic and educational materials to accompany your films.

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Shanghai Film Lab

outreach provides the cooperation between Swiss filmmakers and Chinese partners. It produces films in a intercultural context. The Shanghai Film Lab founded by outreach in cooperation with the Chinese filmmaker and artistic mentor Yunlong Song. It shows 2017 five short films that are now being screened at festivals and in movie theatres. You can watch them online.

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Film and video production

outreach can develop strategies for the implementation of your projects. We also provide support for project management, film financing, and promotional work. outreach can put you in touch with artists, promoters, key players in cultural institutions. We are happy to work with you to create collaborative communities on an international basis with chinese partners.

Clients and Project Partners (a selection)