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Film and science communication

Film reflects the life of the world, casts it in a particular light, and so takes communication to new levels. It is a vital element of the knowledge economy.

outreach strives to fulfil this potential with every project it pursues.

Current Projects

Film and Data Protection

Film events and talks organized by the Commissioner for Data Protection of the Canton of Zurich focus of aspects of data protection:

28.1.2019, 6 pm, Kino Kosmos Zurich: Heaven can wait (Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar, France 2016)

After the movie: KSOMOPOLITICS, talk with experts.

(Concept consultant: outreach gmbh) 

Short Film "What remains"

The artist Corina Bezzola has always invited guest to her artistic created Dining Room Safari. She had to leave the apparement in February 2018. The short film "What remains", directed by Stefanie Klemm, has been for the last time the center of a talk among artists and scientists. The short film has been produced by Lucie Bader, outreach gmbh.

Watch the movie "What remains" here (Password: 100% Gast)


The swiss-sino project is a corporation between outreach and the Documentary Studio of the Shanghai Theatre Academy. The five short films from Swiss Filmmakers will be presented (as a programme of 85 min. or individually) at festivals and movie theatres. They are also available online. The film CHEN CHEN is programmed december 12, 2018 at the filmnight at the Stadtkino Basel.

Trailer "Shanghai Film Lab 2016"

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CINEMA #63 - ZUKUNFT (Schweizer Filmjahrbuch)

Die Zukunft ist durch ihre Unbestimmtheit und ihre Eigenschaft, als Projektionsfläche für menschliche Wünsche und Hoffnungen, aber auch Ängste zu fungieren, ein zentrales Motiv der Filmgeschichte. Davon handelt das neue CINEMA #63.

Im Filmjahbuch ist der Beitrag "Filmen in Shanghai - Zwischen Drachentanz und Speed Dating" von Lucie Bader publiziert. 

Order here.

Completed Projects

Industry Lab

This year’s Industry Lab at the International Short Film Festival Winterthur addresses the uneven relationship between shorts and features and discusses options for making better use of synergies between the two formats in regards of production, promotion, and exhibition.

Film talk with Xiaolu Guo

Xiaolu Guo is a chinese filmmaker, writer and guest professor at the University of Berne. She was born in Southern China and was studying Film at in Beijing ant at the National Film and Televions School in London where she still lives. With her film "She, the Chinese" she got the Golden Leopard at the Film Festival Locarno in 2009. 

The talk takes place Tuesday, May 29, 6 p.m., in the Lichtspiel Bern. Moderation: Lucie Bader (outrech gmbh).


March 6, 2018, Kino REX Bern: DENIAL by Mick Jackson

Movie and Round Table Discussion with Prof. Jacques Picard, Prof. Martino Mona. Animation Prof. Walter Stoffel. Introduction Lucie Bader.

MOVIE NIGHT "Die Vierte Gewalt"

February 21 2018, 18.30 p.m., Cinema REX Fribourg: 

The movie "Die Vierte Gewalt" will be screened as the public opening night of the programme "Law in the movie", organized by Prof. Walter Stoffel and Lucie Bader. The director Dieter Fahrer and experts will discuss the film after the screening.


The program LAW IN THE MOVIE will be presented at the CTLS in London. The movie "Carl Lutz - The Forgotten Hero", Daniel von Aarburg will be screened november 28 2017 followed by a film talk.

Topography of the Swiss Film Industry

Moderation of the workshop, organized by FOCAL, November 25, 2017.

Swiss Industry Panel

Moderation of the Swiss Industry Panel at the International Short Film Festival Winterthur at November 10 2017.

Producers – Get trained, stay connected!

Moderation of the ZFF-Talk, september 29, 2017, 2 p.m. in Zurich.

Law in the movies at the University of Fribourg 2017

The programm "Law in the movies" at the Law Faculty of the University of Fribourg focuses on the topic REVOLUTION. The six events will be introduced by Lucie Bader.


In august 2014 Lucie Bader organized in Locarno a 3-day workshop "Inspiring the audience - how to create captivating documentary films?" for chinese film students. 

Gender Equality at work

The basic of a science communication project gleichstellen.ch of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts has been realized by Lucia M. Lanfranconi together with Lucie Bader (outreach) and the documentary filmmaker Romana Lanfranconi. The project is accompanied by a film and a E-learning Box. Outreach gmbh organizes workshops, film events and encourages the dialogue with the society. The project gleichstellen.ch has been supported by the SNF (Agora).

Presentation by Lucie Bader, ScienceComm '17 Conference, Landhaus Solothurn, September 21 2017

Law in the movies at the University of Fribourg 2016

The programm "Law in the movies" at the Law Faculty of the University of Fribourg focuses on the topic LIBERTY. The seven events will be introduced by Lucie Bader.

Script courses abroad - a panel discussion

Organized and moderated by Lucie Bader. The event will take place at the Solothurner Filmtagen, at the filmbrunch, January 21, 10-12 a.m., Café Barock, Solothurn.


In october 2014 Lucie Bader was invited to be the jury president at the short film festival in Teheran.

TRIANGLE Shanghai - Stockholm - Zurich

Design and project management of international collaborative project between film schools in China, Sweden, and Switzerland.


Mentoring of student films

Providing specialised support for more than 200 Diploma and Masters students' films as Head of Studies and  Professor at Zurich University of the Arts. Mentored films include Thalkon Hamzavi's masters film “PARVANEH”, winner of the Silver Student Oscars in 2013; and Anna Thommen's masters film “NEULAND”, winner of the First Steps Awards Berlin in 2013 and the Audience Award at the Solothurn Film Festival 2014.